G4 Side Charging Upper Receiver – Right Handed

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– Enlarged Ejection Port will work with AR15 calibers from 22LR to 50 Beowulf 
– GIBBZ Arms Patented Pending Left Side Charging Handle
– Non-reciprocating with detent to keep the charging handle forward during operation.
– Uses all Mil-Spec and most Custom Bolt Carriers without modification.
– Beveled Ejection Port
– Full 15 Slot Picatinny Rail
– Bolt carrier door in the rear to allow for easy bolt carrier removal and gasses in during operation (important for suppressed fire).
– Compatible with Mil-Spec and most other lowers receivers
Included is our Enhanced cam-pin optimized for our side charge upper with Melonite coating.
– Charging handle cover keeping operating gasses in (also important for suppressed fire).
– Manufactured in the USA (Arizona) by GIBBZ Arms
– Weight: 12.6 oz.
– Dimensions: 8.9 x 2.9 x 2.9 in

* Upper not compatible with hand guards with anti-rotation tabs without modification *

IMPORTANT!! You must use the G4 Enhanced Cam Pin in the G4 Side Charging Uppers!
Use of the Standard Cam Pin will cause the Bolt Carrier Group to lock up in the G4 Upper Receiver and be VERY difficult to remove and possibly damage the Upper Receiver.

Click HERE for instructions on how to change the cam pin or check out our YouTube video.


4 reviews for G4 Side Charging Upper Receiver – Right Handed

  1. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Perfection that Eugene Stoner would be proud of had it been his design.
    I received the upper late today, assembled, and have it ready for the range first thing in the morning.
    Rack the BCG and lock it back with one hand without ever leaving the firing position. WOW

    I will never build another AR without a Gibbz Side Charge Upper!

  2. UncleSeaweed

    Highly recommended. Super high quality product. I’ve had it out on the range several times now and it performed flawlessly. Works exactly like it looks like it should. Couple advantages also you might not realize. You can lock the BCG back with one hand easily since you can slide the charger back with your left index finger as designed and still easily get your thumb on the bolt lock at the top of the magazine well before a reload.

    Built quality seems high for an upper. My lower rattles on other uppers after engaging the takedown pins which is normal for an AR, but this upper fits snug with no rattle. So it looks like they used higher tolerances. I also like that they had to courage to simply leave off the dust cover which for any normal person is completely pointless for a self defense weapon. Barrel nut threads are strong. I torqued mine to 60 Ft/Lbs no problem.

    Latch is well designed and super easy to replace or remove for cleaning. I purchased the Gen 2 version and easily replaced it with the Gen 3 locking latch bought separately here and it worked flawlessly. Great product. Won’t be going back to any rear charger after this.

  3. John Dempster (verified owner)

    This is the 2nd Side Charge Upper I have ordered from Gibbz.
    This one was used to build a .458 SOCOM which outperforms my expectations with sub MOA out to 186 yards. (Limit of my range)
    The first was used to build a 6.5 Grendel. This gun shoots 1/4 MOA all day every day.

    I have recommended the Gibbs Side Charge uppers to all of my friends.

  4. Rick Smiley (verified owner)

    This upper is as sleek and sexy as it gets. Great craftsmanship. Intuitive design. I was going to take it out to get a custom sericoat job done when I first got it, but it just looked too damn good in black to bother. Wish all my AR’s had this upper. It puts other manufacturers to shame. Great product and well worth the money.

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