About Us

INNOVATION IN FIREARMS is more than just a catchy tagline for us at GIBBZ Arms. It is the standard we set for ourselves. From the beginning, we've been committed to focusing our efforts on developing products that are distinctive and, more importantly, different in a way that truly matters out in the real world. We are also very fortunate to have developed strong working relations with some outstanding professionals. Their feedback is invaluable, and that support helps ensure that our products will stand up to the rigors of real-world abuse.

We see ourselves as an engineering company, first, with experience in product development, manufacturing optimization, process improvement, and product testing. And we are very grateful and excited to apply that to an industry we feel so passionate about. We come from a long line of military veterans and public safety professionals. We are avid sportsmen, outdoorsmen, and shooters ourselves. Throughout our time working in the defense industry, we have learned how to work with end-users to help improve the efficiency and quality of the products they need.  That’s what INNOVATION IN FIREARMS really means to us at GIBBZ Arms, providing solutions that count where it matters most.

We have a great, dedicated team at GIBBZ Arms.  All our staff is committed to quality and providing the best service and products to our customers. We are better as a whole because of the hard-working individuals who help make GIBBZ Arms what it is.