G9 Left Handed Lite Weight Receiver Set with Ambi 9mm Bolt


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This comes with:

– 9mm GIBBZ Arms Left Hand Lite Weight Upper Receiver!

– G9 GIBBZ Arms  Lite Weight Glock Mag Lower

– 9mm GIBBZ Arms Ambidextrous Pistol Caliber Bolt!


– Can also be used for other pistol calibers like 40 S&W, 10mm and 45 ACP!
– GIBBZ Arms Patented Left Side Charging Handle Pat. No. 9,310,146
– Non-reciprocating with detent to keep the charging handle forward during operation
– Provisions cut for hand guards with anti rotation tabs
– Can be used with 9mm lowers that use ether Glock mags or Colt Pattern mags.
– Shortend 9mm Beveled Ejection Port
– Full 15 Slot Picatinny Rail
– Rear Bolt carrier door to allow for easy bolt carrier removal and still keeping gasses in during operation (important for suppressed fire)
– Charging handle cover for keeping operating gasses in (also important for suppressed fire)


– 9mm GIBBZ Arms Ambidextrous Pistol Caliber Bolt!
– Can be used for Right or Left Handed Applications.
– Has Ejector groves on both sides.
– Extractor can be placed on ether side of the Bolt to accommodate left or right side eject.
– We recommend using a carbine buffer and a carbine spring because our bolt is heavier than most.
– GIBBZ Arms Patent Pending
– This is a blow back bolt.


GIBBZ ARMS G9 Lite Weight Lower Receiver Patent Pending
Our G9 Lite Weight Lower is designed to be used with our G9 Upper but will also work with our G4 uppers as well.
– Ambidextrous Magazine release buttons
– Static Ejector can be moved to eject shells to the right or left.
– For use with Glock Small Frame Magazines
– Can be used for 9mm or 40 S&W.
– Large Mag Well Bevel
– Integral Trigger Guard with relief for fingers
– GIBBZ ARMS Styling
– Type 3 hard coat anodizing

– Manufactured in the USA (Arizona) by GIBBZ Arms.


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