G9 Left Handed 9mm Side Charging Upper with Ambi 9mm Bolt


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*Left handed G9 upper receiver is only compatible with a dedicated left handed pistol caliber lower (static ejector must be on the right side of the lower).*
This comes with:

– 9mm GIBBZ Arms Left Hand Upper Receiver!

– 9mm GIBBZ Arms Ambidextrous Pistol Caliber Bolt!


– Can also be used for other pistol calibers like 40 S&W, 10mm and 45 ACP!
– GIBBZ Arms Patented Left Side Charging Handle Pat. No. 9,310,146
– Non-reciprocating with detent to keep the charging handle forward during operation
– Can be used with 9mm lowers that use ether Glock mags or Colt Pattern mags.
– Shortend 9mm Beveled Ejection Port
– Full 15 Slot Picatinny Rail
– Rear Bolt carrier door to allow for easy bolt carrier removal and still keeping gasses in during operation (important for suppressed fire)
– Charging handle cover for keeping operating gasses in (also important for suppressed fire)


– 9mm GIBBZ Arms Ambidextrous Pistol Caliber Bolt!
– Can be used for Right or Left Handed Applications.
– Has Ejector groves on both sides.
– Extractor can be placed on ether side of the Bolt to accommodate left or right side eject.
– We recommend using a carbine buffer and a carbine spring because our bolt is heavier than most.
– GIBBZ Arms Patent Pending
– This is a blow back bolt.

– Manufactured in the USA (Arizona) by GIBBZ Arms.
– Weight:  oz.
– Dimensions: 8.9 x 2.9 x 2.9 in
* Upper not compatible with hand guards featuring anti-rotation tabs without modification. *


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