G9 PCC Techwell


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Lightning-Fast Mag Changes.
Requires no gunsmithing. 5/64” Hex Wrench included.
Made from super slippery, super durable, Acetyl Delrin.
Easy to file off the slight wear over time even for the daily dry-firer.
For 9mm Glock Mags
(Lower not included)

Install instructions:

Step 1: We recommend that Purple Loctite 222 or Vibra-Tite VC-3 (at least Blue Loctite) is put onto the threads of the screws to make sure they never loosen.
Step 2: Slide the Techwell on until firm contact is made with the “front bumper”.
Step 3: Tighten down the screws carefully, a bit at a time on each side after they make contact. Make sure not to strip the threads.
Okay, so that should do it, BUT if you want to make 100% sure of no movement ever, here are the next two steps –
Step 4: Loosen the screws so you are sure there is no contact with the lower, and slide the Techwell off. You will see that the screws left very obvious marks in the lower (see photo).
Step 5: Drill an indent exactly on each of these marks then slide back on and carefully tighten once again, et voila, you’re good to go and have a great time!!!


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