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Pre-Sale!  Gibbz Arms Hand Spinners
The idea for our spinners started out as just a fun thing to make for our own kids. Didn’t think that so many of our friends would geek out over them, so we decided to start making a few more and see how they go! We also saw it as a great opportunity to raise funds and interest for one of our favorite charities, Wishes for Warriors, so a portion of the proceeds from each spinner sale will go to help Wishes for Warriors. Here is a quick description of their mission, if you are unfamiliar with how awesome an organization they are!

From the Wishes for Warriors website:

Our mission is to help combat wounded vets engage in therapeutic outdoor adventures after experiencing a life altering injury. With that, we offer and encourage all types of therapeutic activity. Whether it is hunting, skydiving, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking…basically anything that gets these men and women, out and back to enjoying what they loved to do before injury or never thought they could do after injury. As we like to say, we are here to prove that there is life after war.

Hand Spinners Specs

Spinners and buttons are made from billet aluminum, anodized black.

High quality Stainless Steel R188 bearings, run crazy fast and smooth.

Included 9mm rounds look real, but are just good looking dummy rounds. Made with new FMJ bullets pressed into new brass cases with a super hard crimp. Still, we do not condone or warranty using compressed air to spin. Not a good idea, so don’t do it…

Dummy rounds can be easily removed and replaced with anything that has the same base diameter as the 9mm cartridge. Also works with 5.56 NATO, 300 BLK and similar diameter cartridges, dummies of course…


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